Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Good Morning everyone. Three weeks have passed, and we all are doing pretty well. This weekend, John and I purchased a used Toyota Rav4 to replace the mini van. John did lots of research and the Rav4 is supposed to be a safe, reliable, and fuel efficient vehicle. We are totally indebted to Kristen and JP Snyder for the use of their car while we have been going through this challenging transition. Their kindness and compassion has made life a whole lot easier!! (On a funny note, Cayden has made sure that everyone knows that we are NOT Pittsburg Steelers fans. JP's car has two Pittsburg Steelers stickers in the windows. GO COLTS!!!)

Speaking of Kristen and JP, they left for Missouri on Saturday where JP will have a job as Head Coach of the 8th grade football team. Congratulations, JP!!!! We know you will have a strong, positive impact on those boys. We will miss Kristen (and already do)---She has been a great source of strength, love, and friendship!! Even though they are miles away, we still have them in our hearts and always will. We pray their transition will be smooth, and that they will be blessed in all they do!!

Cayden only has two more days of preschool---graduation will be on Friday at Covenant United Methodist Church on Coldwater Rd. Logan's school goes until the 30th of this month.

Again, I cannot even begin to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of you!!! Your kindness and giving has surpassed anything that John and I would've ever thought possible. It has meant so much to feel your genuine concern. We have felt God's love through all of you.

A couple thanks for now:

*Thank you to Imagine Master Academy for their monetary donations and gift card. (Thanks Allyson for your help!)

*Thank you to Tonja Werling (my cousin and hair stylist) who replaced all our hair products that were lost in the fire. I needed product bad!!

*Thank you to Kelly and Ryan Dear for the gift card, the hot meal, the clothes, and toys for the boys.

*Thank you to Mike & Linda McNeal (Kelly's parents) for their thoughtful monetary donation.

*Thank you to Dawn Thoma for the shirts for Cayden and Logan.

*Thank you to Cedar Canyon school (parents, students, and staff) for all their generous donations of gift cards, monetary donations, and books. We are proud to be part of the Cedar Canyon family!

*Thank you to John's long time friends, Lester and Sue Woo, from New York for the beautiful (and very soft) monogrammed blankets for the boys---they love them!! Also for the gift cards which will be used to replenish some games and toys the boys no longer have.

*Thank you to John's friend, Randy Zimmerman, for the Walmart gift card.

*Thank you to my long time friend, Jodie Fackler, for her friendship and offers for assistance.

*Thank you to John's brother, Ray, and sister-in-law, Vivian, for the Kohl's gift card and emails of encouragement. We miss you guys and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Next on the agenda is deciding on a contractor and getting the process going for restoring/rebuilding the house. At this time we don't know whether it will be a total rebuild or if they will gut the inside and use the existing frame work. Please pray for us to find the perfect and right contractor that will be honest and do great work. The estimate, at this time, is that we may be able to get back into the house within about 5 months. Thank goodness summer is almost here, so we can keep busy with the boys' activities and be outside.

We hope you all are doing well and are as blessed as we feel we are.

Take Care.

Jennifer, John, Logan, and Cayden

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