Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi everyone!! It's almost been five weeks since the fire----Some days it seems like it was just yesterday and others it seems like it was a long time ago. We are still adjusting to apartment life, but we can't complain. It has been nice and quiet here. No noisy neighbors to speak of. The pool should open in about a week. The kids will love that! Not me so much, though, because that means I have to put on a bathing suit!!! Not a fun thought. Oh well.

Right now, John and I have been meeting with builders and contractors and deciding on our next step. If costs permit, we want to start over. Tear down what is left of the house to the slab and rebuild new. We would probably have to keep the same outline of the house, but we would be able to change some things within. The estimate still is around five months to complete the rebuild---We'll get a better idea once they get started. We are praying for a quote and a builder that will be honest, of good quality, and a reasonable price.

We continue to have so much support and love from all of you!! Our neighbors on Lonesome Oak Court and Trail and Ridge Gap Run are a constant source of encouragement and strength, and we thank you all for that. Thank you to Mike Trump for mowing our grass while we are away. Even though the house doesn't look so good, it's nice to see the yard and flowers greening and growing with Spring's new life.

Thank you to all the Bunco Babes (Karen, Kathy, Lisa, Beth, Katie, Diana, Michelle, Jodi, and Heather) for all the kind cards, best wishes, and gift cards!! It was great to get together last night---Everyone needs to share their recipes!!!

Cayden is having fun in his Huntertown t-ball league. His first game is this Tuesday at 7:15pm.

Logan will start soccer through Parks and Rec. the second week of June. He will practice at the Robinson Chapel on Union Chapel/Tonkel Road.

John and I are trying to get back to exercising and getting into shape.

Zoey still loves playing with her tennis ball and enjoys running after the frisbee when we play in the grassy yard by the apartment. She's our miracle dog, and she's made her way into our bed at night. How can you deny such a cute, lovable face?

We hope you all are doing well. Have a safe, fun Spring!!

God Bless,

Jennifer, John, Logan, and Cayden

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