Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hi everyone!! It's nice to have a three day weekend this week, isn't it? Today has been a beautiful day so far, and John, the boys, Zoey, and I have enjoyed being outside more.

I have been spending a lot of time going over the personal property list to make sure that the insurance company remembered everything we had in our house and the approximate worth of those things. I have come across (remembered) many things that had sentimental value that are gone, and it is very sad. I had a couple little tubs of things I wanted to keep of Logan and Cayden's in the attic off of our room, and that was one of the hardest hit areas---totally burned. Logan's favorite Pooh and Tigger blanket that he had since he was born, holes and all, clay handprints, and special, original pictures the kids had made at their schools are just a few things that I will miss!

John and some of our friends (Sam, Bryan, Jason, Dave, Mike) and my mom (Emily) came to the house yesterday to help take out some of the furniture items that could be cleaned up a little and donated to The Mustard Seed. We appreciate everyone's help and time, as this was very important to John and I. We hope that someone will be able to get some use out of the furniture.
I was also at the house yesterday to deweed our mulched areas. It was really starting to look unkempt. It was kind of theraputic to do something "normal" at the house, and to put my time toward making it look nicer. Next, I'd like to trim the bushes----Depending on how long it takes to get the quotes back, I just might have time to do it!

John took me out for an awesome Birthday supper at Cork n Cleaver on Wednesday night. It was really great to have some time alone. I felt all grown up again! Thanks to my friend, Krisit, for watching the boys on my birthday and on Saturday while John and I were at the house. You have been such a great help. Thanks also for the birthday presents.

Thanks to Ray and Vivian for the Vera Bradley purse and the weekly planner for my birthday. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

We are still waiting on quotes for rebuilding the house. We want things to keep moving, but it feels like it's just not moving fast enough, ya know what we mean? We are trying to stay focused on God and letting His plan unfold. It's tough some times, though.

Cayden has t-ball on Tuesday and Thursday this week, and Friday will be Logan's last day of school.

Hope you all are doing well. Stay safe.

Love you all,

Jennifer, John, Logan, and Cayden

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