Monday, June 9, 2008


Hi everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been back to the blog for awhile. With the boys out of school now, I had to get used to the new schedule!!! The pool has opened here at the apartment, so we have been spending some time there. Logan and Cayden love it!!! I think we'll have two little fish by the end of summer.

GOOD NEWS!!!! John and I decided on a builder. We decided to go with Bruce Stopher out of Harlan, Indiana. He is a smaller builder, and we feel we will get excellent customer service and a more personal touch. He was referred to us by my cousin, who knows of a couple people that Bruce built for. Also, we called a reference who had their house built about a year or so ago. They gave us a hour and a half tour of their home and told us a lot of positive things about Bruce and his crew. John and I felt like it was an answered prayer, because up until now, we just haven't felt without a doubt that we had found the "right" builder for us.

We are waiting for the excavataion crew to have an open slot to come and take down our house. Hopefully, within a week or two. This will be a sad time, because it's the only house the boys know and it's John's and my first home after we got married. A lot of memories took place within those walls. But, again, God has blessed us by saving some of the pictures and home videos we had. There are so many emotions involved. We know God is and will continue to be with us during all these changes, and He will comfort us during the times that are difficult. We are so thankful for His kindness in giving us so many loving and compassionate friends and family.

Once the excavation takes place, the foundation will be assessed to make sure there is no damage, it will be cleaned, the pipes and plumbing will be looked at for problems, and then when Bruce and his guys are ready, they will begin building. At this time, we are planning on keeping the foundation/slab, and building on that the same perimeter of the house. We are planning on making some changes within, depending on measurements and space.

We are trying to look at this experience as a chance for our family to grow closer together, for us to learn to receive, to feel God's love from Him and others, and for us to go forward and serve others as God wants us to.

This year in my Bible Study Fellowship class, we studied Matthew. One of the main points that struck me was when Jesus was calling His disciples to drop everything and follow Him. They did not question, they did not worry, they did not try to grab anything they could before they followed. No, they stopped what they were doing, left their families, left their conveniences, left their life as they knew it, and followed Jesus and trusted Him for all their bodily, spiritual, and emotional needs. I want to be like that. I have a ways to go, but Jesus is worth it!!!! This experience since the fire has been kind of like that with the disciples. God is asking us to leave the life, the home, and the stuff we had to follow Him. To trust Him. To put Him as our focus, and look to Him for our needs, our comfort, and our peace. I know we may trip and stumble along this journey, but God's strong hand will be there to grab onto, to right ourselves, and continue down the road.

Thank you all for how you have touched and blessed our lives. Have a great day!!!

Walk in Love,

Jennifer, John, Logan, and Cayden Lew

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