Monday, April 21, 2008

Seven Days Past And Moving Forward

Here we are at Day 7. It's hard to believe a week has passed already!! Much is a blur, but my mind can't help but to think of last Monday morning. I don't let myself linger there too long, though, because we are making progress and each day we are closer to putting this all behind us. My heart swells with happiness and appreciation when I remember all our friends gathering around us with love and support. You all are invaluable to us, and we carry your strength with us every day.

Update: This weekend we tried to start looking for apartments and rental homes with little luck. Two of the apartments were closed both Saturday and Sunday and will also be closed today. We will be checking out Avalon Apartments off of Dupont Road today and following a couple leads on rental homes. (Our insurance will cover to stay at either place.)

Thank you to those who have donated gift cards for restaurants. Those come in very handy when we are out and about and need to grab something to eat. If anyone needs an idea of how to help, this would very much appreciated.

Kristen Snyder, our awesome friend, is also taking names for anyone wanting to make a meal or drop off clothes, etc. for the boys, John, and I. Her number is 483-1057.
John is probably most in need of clothes for work when he goes back.

John's sizes: 32 waist 31 length Pants (work or play)
Medium collar shirts (dress casual, polo style)
(We shop a lot at Kohl's)

Jennifer: Size small (shirts)

Logan: Doing good on clothes
Collects Webkinz, Nascars
Likes Magic SchoolHouse Books, Cam Jansen, Junie B.

Cayden: Doing good on clothes
Collects Webkinz, Nascars
Likes Cars (the movie) books, I Spy books

Everyone, just know that we are doing well. We are not in dire need of anything, and the above are only suggestions not emergency items. Really, the most important thing to us is for you continue to pray that we are given strength and clarity on the decisions we must make. That is where we need the most help.

Thank you to Karen Skinner, Kathleen Jackson (and her mom, Beverly), Pat Thurber, Kristi Nuechterlein, and my mom for help on watching the boys. Your help is appreciated and cherished.

God is with us and All is Well.

Your friends,

John, Jennifer, Logan, and Cayden


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer and John

sorry to hear about what happened. BTW your cell number does not work, is there a number where you can be reached?

arctic99507 at

William Ma from INDY

Judy Davis said...

Dear John & Family, My husband Charlie is in your men's study group at the Chapel and he knew you when you came up to Jeff & Lyndsay Davis rental house in Pine Valley. What a deal-I have a friend near
Pine Valley who home was destroyed by a fire ball
(explosion) and she is still working on her inventory. Just want you to know that Charlie and my prayers are with you and your family during this hard time. Keep on blogging to let us know how you are doing! Love, Charlie & Judy

MalindaFix said...

Jennifer and John,

May God continue to reveal Himself in amazing ways as you face this challenge together. I am praying that you and your family will continue to move forward together in His love. I will keep checking for your blog updates!

Love, peace and prayers, Malinda Fix, Table of Elizabeth, Discipleship Walk #10.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen! It's Di - just wanted to see if you would be available the 16th of May for a bunco get together in your honor. Please call or e-mail me to let me know!