Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's a New Day!!

Hi everyone! There are still a few of my friends that have posted on the blog that are not aware of what happened Monday. Here's a short version: Cayden and I were going out to the mini van Monday morning around 8:50am to take him to preschool. We opened the garage door and preceded to open the side door to get him in his car seat. We both smelled a strong odor that smelled like something was burning. I got Cayden out and told him to stand outside the garage. I opened my driver side door and looked around, finding a little smoke coming from the left side of the dash. I got closer to look and saw a little flame inside the dash, somewhere in the vicinity of the parking brake release. I ran in grabbed the phone and a small cup of water, came out, and threw the water in the dash. The flame only flickered and came back. I immediately went on the driveway with Cayden to call 911. I thought they would be there in like 3 to 5 minutes and there wouldn't be much damage, but it took much longer and the fire engulfed the minivan, the garage, our attics, and a big section of our room. Cayden's ceiling caved in, as well as much of our hallway floor. It was a very difficult and traumatic day for all of us. Cayden saw a lot before a wonderful neighbor, Pat, took him to her home. Zoey was in the house for about an hour before the firemen could get to her and bring her out. Thank God for that!! She hid under a couch. (Okay, maybe that wasn't such a short version of the story.)

Now, I'd like to publicly thank God, our awesome God, for protecting all of us during the fire on Monday----even our baby girl, Zoey!!!! We are so grateful and, again, indebted to our Lord!!! We finally got done yesterday working with the Property Damage specialist on going over every single item we had in all our rooms, closets, attics, garage, drawers, etc. Wow, that was hard---A reminder of our personal things that brought back many memories. It was a long, sad process, but God and our friends helped us through it. We are also very thankful that my mom and my step-dad have provided a safe, familiar place for us to stay.

Next on our agenda is finding some temporary housing---an apartment or rental home out here close to Logan and Cayden's schools. If anyone knows of any homes for rent, we'd appreciate any help we can get.

There are so many people to thank already, and we have been wanting to tell all of you how much we appreciate everything you've done. Each one of you has been an angel to us. We see God in each one of you. We cannot thank each one of you personally, now, but know that we have thanked God for your help and support. A few thanks we would like to do now are:

***To Kristen Snyder for being so loving, giving, and thoughtful and for taking special care of Zoey. You have a special gift of service to others and without you, we would be lost.

***To Kristi and Laura for helping me go through some of the items from the house and for helping me save as much of my scrapbooking stuff (and Kristen's) as possible. Your time and noses are much appreciated.

***To Ginny Diehl and the rest of John and my Couple's Bible Study class, we want to thank you for the generous monetary gifts you gave us. We can feel your continued prayers for us, and we are blessed to have you in our group of friends.

***To Jodi and Jason, we want to extend our gratitude for opening up your hearts by letting us use your garage to put our recovered pictures and other keepsakes.

***To Rebekah, we want to thank you for being the first one on the scene and giving Jennifer emotional support when hope seemed lost.

***To all our other neighbors, too, who have been so gracious and caring: Pat and Bryan, Priscilla, David and Michelle, Ailene, Ann and Mike, Joe, Julie and Dan, Mary and Burt, Terry and Kris, and David.

***To all the kids who helped in our neighborhood who went door to door to take up a collection. We appreciate you and your selfless thoughts. God will bless you all greatly for putting others first.

***To Rick Hawks and The Chapel for their generous donation of Meijer gift cards. Also to Mary Eppl and Becca Graf from the Chapel for the clothes and toys for the boys. You made their night.

***To Jen and Sam Thammavongsa for their love and friendship, and for helping us stay close to God's Word by giving us our new Bible.

God's blessings to all of you. Live today to the fullest.

Your friends,

John, Jennifer, Logan, and Cayden


Anonymous said...

Wow! I really don't know what to say except to echo the sentiment of thank God that everyone's ok. Sherri and I will be thinking of you and praying that you can return to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible.


derma said...

Lew Family,

We are so sorry to hear about the fire. We want to help in any way we can. We will be trying to contact you soon to see what you're needs are at this difficult time. We will pray for you, and you're family. Blessings to all of you !!
Ryan & Kelly Dear